Women of Destiny LEAH: Genesis 29:15-35

Women of Destiny                                                                                                                      

For centuries the women of the bible have been inspiring role models for anyone who questions their fate in life.  It’s heart felt to find ourselves learning through similar life lessons of history that continue to validate and inspire us to move forward.  We need to believe in our legacy and entrust God’s living word that resides within us to learn lessons from our history.

The story of LEAH: Genesis 29:15-35

Leah entered a marriage with Jacob knowingly he did not love her and settled for being second best by living in the shadow of her sister who was his favorite wife. What chance did Leah have; when the man whom she loved was a mama’s boy who learned his manipulative tricks from his mom Rebekah early in his life.

Leah, like many single moms of today, was caught in a scheming game and become emotionally trapped, feeling rejected and alone waiting for their husband to show her affection to prove herself worthy.   After many children and empty arms she stopped striving to get Jacob’s attention and submitted her painful plea onto Jehovah to restore her life. Her pleas did not go void. Leah survived her sister Rachel and finally took her place next to her husband. God gave her favor through her son Judah who established the line of Boaz, Jesse and David which ultimately produced Jesus

  Life Lesson              

Have you ever curled-up with a pillow to your face crying in disbelief thinking to yourself; is this all there is “I can’t believe this is happening again”.

Babies learn early in life how to get what they want. They learn who they can trust and who they must protect to keep peace in the house.  When our basic needs are ignored especially from our mothers we become wounded and begin to separate from our reality, creating a false sense of self.  Eventually we learn to adapt to the pain and compensate by thriving in school, sports or anything that will feed the neglected little girl still trying to get attention.  Not even through reoccurring abusive relationships, broken marriages, failed dreams and unhealthy self-inflicting decisions do we surrender and plead mercy unto God. It’s when we see a reflection of our wounded self, in the eyes of our children that we yield our pain to God who repositions our lives for purpose. God always waits at the finish line cheering us through our wilderness

                 “It’s within our decisions not life’s conditions that determines our destiny”.


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