Take Courage There is Freedom Within the Walls of Limitation

Take Courage There is Freedom Within the Walls of Limitation

I joined a women’s faith based organization that volunteered to teach in prisons, one being in Waco Texas. Early in the morning before arriving at the designated prison, all volunteers’ personal belongings were left at our hotel with the exception of our bible. We were then shuttled to the prison intake gate and stood single file with the incoming inmates. Once entering the grounds the women appeared resigned to their regiment. Many with a smile, fussing in their cells surrounded with pictures of loved ones. There were about fifty women per building in a complex of 10 buildings. With only fans blowing within each building, the barred windows were open allowing the Texas breeze fill the main room. We were assigned a group of women to teach and share Gods word. The women I was assigned varied from 18 years old to 40. During lunch hour we all lined up again single file with the inmates. In the mess hall they smiled, talked, ate and showed us where to clean our plates. Then at 8 pm again we lined up into the common room to hear Gods word, singing and praying many crying, voicing their love for Jesus. That is when they purged their pain. Many inmates were vocalists that brought the house down with their music and song. I could only imagine the life they lived, it appeared the free world was their prison and being imprisoned gave them freedom. It was evident these women found resolve in owning their own fate. In hardship a seed of greater value will pierce light in darkness to a soul that has forgotten its source.

Take the Freedom Challenge

The first step to freedom is look at your current situation and compare it with your instinct to take a different approach. The second step to freedom is to love and believe in yourself. The third step is to be optimistic and make a commitment to transform obstacles into opportunities no matter the circumstances.

Envision desired results and stay focused on the fact that God has predestined your life for purpose. Do this! Touch your heart and hear its rhythmic sound of life. Open your mouth and find your voice. Look at yourself in the mirror and see the miracle that God made with loving intention to fulfill His Glory.

Now take an internal visit and ask yourself, are you groaning or growing? Perhaps there was a time you captured a startling awareness that captured the consciousness of the God that lives within you. It can be confusing to make sense and capture spirituality from a logical sense, trying to infuse pieces together only to discover you’re a miracle child of the living God who will never leave or forsake you.

The Power of Now
The life you enjoy today is a reflection of the price you paid up to now
The life you enjoy in the future will reflect the price you pay between now and then.