Self Mastery Institute - SMI Full Circle

Mission Statement
Provide the means and momentum to transform one’s life beyond the measure of circumstances.

Deanna Brown is the Founder of the Self Mastery Institute, an international youth program founded in San Jose California in 1992. Deanna’s vision was to implement the Self Mastery Club Leadership Program within community based organizations; youth residential facilities and after school programs that share the common vision of leading youth on their journey towards Self-Mastery. Self-Mastery Club is designed to provide our youth with self- discovery empowering and transforming skills required to develop today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.

Student Objective:

  • Attendance and study habits improve
  • Student GPA improve

Self Mastery InstituteSelf-Mastery Student Project: Creating A Business Plan

  • Positive social skills and cognitive development
  • Establish self-esteem, vision and purpose
  • Create values and life skills that support vision
  • Make a difference: volunteer within the community
  • Become a positive mentor

Student Activities:

  • Personalized strategic life map
  • Public speaking made fun
  • Group learning
  • Community out-reach
  • Assigned study groups
  • Team building exercise
  • Home work time with tutor


Self Mastery Institute

Self-Mastery Students: Apollo High School Graduation







About Program:

  • Innovative facilitation teaching style
  • Academic credits
  • Convenient after school program
  • Atmosphere conducive to learning
  • Team support towards student desired outcome
  • Teacher internship program opportunity
  • Self-Mastery training and certification
  • Parenting Academic Coach Program PAC
  • Leadership Mentoring Program

Upcoming Programs:

Twenty years ago Deanna created the Self Mastery Institute. Knowing how Deanna impacted the positive direction of their lives, they are now asking Deanna for the tools, skills and workshops to help their children, the next generation become successful in life.  SMI full Circle will address this request and provide parents a framework in which to work with their children. Now in development with SMI alumnae, this course will soon be available.


  1. Anthony Robbins Foundation – Executive Board Member
  2. East Side Union High School District Advisory Committee
  3. School to Work News – Board Member
  4. Silicon Valley Leadership Alumni Advisory Committee

Awards & Press:

  1. Silicon Valley Leadership Profile Award
  2. New Hope Inner City Outreach Recognition Award
  3. East Side Union High School District Service Award – San Jose, CA
  4. San Jose Mercury News Profile & Recognition
  5. San Jose East Side Union High School District Board of Trustees Award
  6. San Jose State University – Deans Award of Multicultural Education
  7. Bay Area Life T.V. Broadcast Magazine Forum – Honored as a Community Leader of Tomorrow.



Through its active involvement in the San Jose community, the Self Mastery Institute has proven to be a leader in providing at-risk youth with positive direction and brighter futures. It is vitally important that every young person receive the individual attention and motivation that he or she needs in order to become a responsible and complete adult. Success comes from the lives you touch–and change. Indeed all of society benefits from your program.
California State Senate
Tenth Senatorial District – Counties of Alameda and Santa Clara


This letter is in support of your outstanding program, the Self Mastery Club, which is working to turn around the lives of at-risk youth in our community – and demonstrating that it can be done, even with youth who have been unreachable through other programs. The results speak for themselves. Schools attendance and study habits dramatically improve. Grade point averages increase. Students were able to define specific career goals and set realistic plans to achieve their goals. These results come about because of the passionate commitment which you and your program demonstrate to these youth, building personal relationships with each of the young people who come into your program, and sustaining these relationships.

County of Santa Clara
Office of the Board of Supervisors


The vision for our district is to have all students experience academic, personal and social success. The Self Mastery Institute Program supports our vision and is helping us to achieve our goals. The program has served over 1,000 students. It has helped the majority of them to gain control over their lives and begin to develop goals. I believe that the greatest benefit of the program is that it teaches youngsters that they control their own destinies and they are the only one that can set limits on their potential. The feedback from the students and staff who have been in the program is overwhelmingly positive.
San Jose, California
East Side Union High School District


During her time with the program Deanna displayed the ability to reach people in a very caring way. She has a great commitment to helping others and working to teach them to develop to their full potential. She is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others and has consistently demonstrated her ability to do so.
Mexican American Community Services Agency, Inc.


The first time I heard about Deanna Brown Self Mastery Institute Training program was in 1998. I thought, If this lady, Deanna, is able to work with “At Risk” youth and teach educator in USA caught my interest. I invested along with numerous colleagues and invited Deanna to train us to help our young people in France, the training was held in Nice. Deanna provided a well-structured method, step by step approach. Attendees with diverse background from Adoptive parents, Educators, Law enforcement and concerned business associates. We also discussed how to re-define personal & professional goals and how to establish rapport with our youth.
I was happy to share this training with my friend Purusottam from Nepal.
I liked also the games activities and at the end I purchased the “team activity kit” to use it with the teams I was working into the companies in France. So it was a great opportunity to have specific tools & materials.
At the end, to evaluate the seminar, I was so happy on the scale of 10, I put 20 and more. – Pascal P.


My name is Fatima and I have been with Self Mastery Institute since 1994 I was pregnant when I was 15 years old. To have people look down upon you and tell you that you are limited in what you are able to do because of situations that occurred in your life is very hard to deal with at a young age. Some people told me in my family and at school that it would almost be impossible to graduate from high school because I was down a lot of credits. I had goals set in my life prior to this situation and knew that I wanted to carry them out. If it was not for the Self Mastery Institute and learning basic skills on how to turn a limiting belief into an un-limiting belief and to believe in my self and to take action on my goals. I would not be where I’ am at today. To start off with, I graduated high school with my class; I have my Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, and currently work for the City of Oxnard My involvement in Self Mastery is that I’m part of the Alumni Student Board. Also the (PAC) Parent Academic Coach Program and student advocate. Self-Mastery has been a big value in my life and as well as to others. It was a life changing experience for me to be part of this class and to be touched by so many people that have been through hard times and that have overcome them using the curriculum and tools that I have learned is really amazing to me. I can’t say enough good things about this program and it’s amazing founder Deanna Garza Brown, but I know that I believe in her and in Self Mastery. But what it all comes down to is that Self Mastery provides the tools and the knowledge to better your self and if you really want it, you can make the difference. It is up to you to take the first step to make a difference. I can, I will, make a difference. – Fatima A.


I just turned seventeen and was attending a continuation school program when I came to meet Deanna, and found out about the Self Mastery Club. I was just coming out of a very abusive relationship with my one year old son. I was definitely lost, confused and unmotivated in life. I knew I wanted a better life, but was unaware of how or who could lead me in the right direction. I was filled with hurt, anger and had an attitude one.  One day, unexpectedly my principle literally walked me by the hand to Deanna’s class where I first heard “the dream is possible”.

I became very interested in seeing what this program was all about, but very afraid of changing, because I didn’t know how. I challenged and resisted Deanna and her curriculum right away, but felt drawn to her at the same time. I will never forget the skill we did, in front of the entire classroom. Deanna had me go into a place called “my future” and see how life would be in my current state. I was totally enthralled in the skill, I could actually visualize my life, the way it would be if I stayed in the same pain and suffering. I hated the way I looked and felt.

That day, is so clear and vivid in my mind. As I write this, I can honestly say everything that I envisioned and created that day has come to fruition. I graduated from High School and this year my goal is return to school for B.A. Degree. I am married to a wonderful man who loves and respects me, and is a good father to our children. I am a successful business woman making six figure income. It’s been over 15 years since that pivotal morning entering SMC. – Lydia D.