Rosa Returned Home

Rosa Returned Home

This week Rosa Aragon a beautiful soul completed her journey on earth. I did not know her personally but knew of her through her sister Martha and spiritual sister Yvette Valenzuela. It was obvious Rosa was driven to add value, her zest for life was contagious and touched many lives. Rosa was a leader with a voice and vision that filled the airways of La Raza radio every morning at 5 am. When I heard that Rosa’s life was cut short, I sensed her essence and became another link of many souls she had deeply touched.

Eternal Essence

Rosa’s infectious laughter, quick wit and heartfelt compassion and love for life that obviously infused by her loving parents and immediate family. Rosa’s inquisitive mind, risk taking spirit, inspiration and her faith in God were all inclusive ingredients to developing a healthy beautiful young vibrant women.
Rosa’s story is one of many that God has taken from the bosom of their loved ones. The greatest gift to receive from our departed loved ones “never take life for granted” become the difference we expected from others.

“Be still and know Heaven on Earth is within reach”

We’re all linked together we are the total sum of oneness. When a loved one departs earth, they leave a void in our heart. And through the grieving process we begin to ask God “Why”? know that God hears your plea and personally knows your pain. He waits with compassion and healing Grace to hear Lord “what” will fill the void in tribute your loved one. And through this amazing awakening Process you will find peace and purpose and receive God’s Promise. He will impart gifts and pave the way to fulfill your destiny.

Make not a monument but a monumental impact. Do you know what inspired them? What did you hear them say? Complete their sentence.
One day _____________________________________________?

Cultivate the Garden of your Heart

Pray on, beloved you are planting seed in heavenly soil. Nothing that the Spirit breathes upon and gives life can ever die. Nothing that the Spirit plants can ever perish. There is a season of weeping there is a season of watering and a season of nurturing a bruised and broken heart. There is a season to Awaken and remove the scales off your eyes. A season to seed the neglected garden within your heart and revive life and beauty once again. A season to tribute and tend the garden in remembrance of love, life and your liveliness.
Thank you Lord for ______________________.