Look Learn and Listen to Gods Life Lessons

In Corporate America when a CEO personally calls to meet it usually means either good news or bad news which often means transition. When God CEO of the Universe calls it means transition to fulfill destiny.       

As an Executive life coach and Spiritual counselor the most frequent asked questions I receive include the following “Why is life so difficult”?  Why do I attract reoccurring situations? I have everything so why do I feel restless and unfulfilled? What question permeates your mind? Do you sense there’s more to life then what presents itself? What drives your passion to succeed and how do you gage success? Living in a fast pace society being overwhelmed becomes the norm when striving to achieve and gain status. I hear successful people say it gets lonely at the top as if it is equal to those being at the bottom looking up. It’s during the face-up mountain climb of resistance when full-blown adrenalin kicks-in.  All transition requires self-assessment to understand what is the driving force within you? What is creating leverage to achieve success?  Are you driven by fear and competition or driven by faith fueled by passion to impact global change? Whatever ever fuels you its takes a team to coach and cheer you on or hold you accountable? I believe every global leader has a “come to Jesus moment” which means they hit a dead end or have an epiphany. This is when God waits patiently within our heart hoping we hear Him.   Today I was talking to my chiropractor he asked; why does a conscientious person attract unwarranted situations that obstruct progress and growth.  I asked John, when he hears a person prequalify themselves as a believer what thought appears. He indicated a religious person who believes in God specifically in Christ Jesus. I simply asked what if human beings became believers and trusted God as their personal trainer to achieve progress and growth. What if the personal regiment required raising the bar of resistance to build and tone-up do you think they will achieve results? When God made man He designed everyone with intention to reach the finish line. God does not begin something without meaning or purpose He begins with the end in mind. Our role being human involves living intentional while learning through a process of discovery that continues to refine and define our potential with purpose. It’s not much different working out at the gym both require challenge and commitment to stay the course.  When I entrust my personal trainer to help me achieve desired results I listen to their voice to know how much slack to pick up.  Sometimes at the eleventh hour they know how much I can take just by an expression.  Do you know the voice of God? What is keeping you from fulfilling your dream? If you feel disconnected be assured God is with you on the climb through transition.  He has been revealing himself as you soul search, seeking purpose and meaning.  Remember anytime you react hostel to people or a situation, realize the cause started long ago. It’s your come to Jesus moment of truth. He is your confidant, your personal trainer.  Learn to hear His voice, listen and lean on Him.  Simply give yourself permission to believe God loves you as himself.   Within you resides God’s Positioning Spirit your personal navigator to direct the best way to fulfill your destiny.                          

Life Lesson: 

As I am writing this blog in the comforts of home I am looking at our Gardner pruning back weathered over grown trees and I realized it is to allow them to grow healthier. One tree that was leaning little to the side he place a strong stick to uphold its positon.  Much like life we’re always being pruned back in order for us to grow and produce the fruit of our soul and the fullness we desire through God’s help.    At the same time I noticed the gardener left the gate open and our overly protected Maltese dog wondered out. Along with our neighbors we all began the search. Everyone calling his name in hope he would respond. Across a busy street a block away I noticed him taking a pee, claiming his new found territory.  I got behind him and called his name he took one look at me and began running fast towards the house knowingly he stepped off the boundaries of safety. There I was running after him then he stopped before reaching the busy street and looked at me to pick him-up. My dog knew my voice and certainly knew he wondered off outside safe boundaries. Much the same, God desires His children to know His voice when He calls our name and to stay on course or be ready for change. God desires to meet us half way as we learn to listen and lean on Him.  He navigates us into new territory through testing and trusting through life that often requires fine-tuning and modifying as needed. If a situations requires help your God Positioning Spirit (GPS) navigate the way.

 Reflective Thought:                                       The Past Does Not Equal the Future

It’s through life challenges we learn more about ourselves and our acquired behavior. Every day is an opportunity to cultivate perspective in life. The meaning we give to any situation influences our focus and direction.  We attract success not by our wants, but by what we become on a daily basis.

                                                 “Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” JFK

Closing Note:

Each action we take, each contact we make are destined out of intention. It’s not what happens to us that counts it’s how we respond that makes the difference. Be intentional, add value, become the thread that completes a master piece.  If you feel displaced, unfulfilled or desire clarity towards reaching immediate or long term goals let talk. Email me for a one-time 30 minute free coaching by phone or Skype.     

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