Live With Passion


“Where there is no vision, people perish” Proverbs 29:18

As a little girl playing in the park alone I would entertain myself twirling into a frenzy then fall unto the cool grass gazing up at the sky.  I would imagine the billowy clouds being cartoon characters and see myself hopping along on top from one to another.  Living under a major airport flight path I also imagined being a passenger looking down at myself from a different perspective.  Those magical moments filled my heart with hope which diverted my feelings of helplessness.  Creating mental images early in life came handy but as I grew older positive invigorating images along with hope dissipated.

One day while in beautiful Hawaii at a seminar I was given a gift – the opportunity to make a parachute jump.  A small group of us headed out to the airport and after several hours of training we headed up to 11,000 feet in a small Cessna airplane.  I was first in position, with both feet dangling out of the door ready to jump.  The pilot said hold, entering turbulence my hands gripped tightly to the side rails.  While looking down a memory appeared when I was the little girl imaging hopping on top of the clouds.  It was a magical experience; my heart was filled with joy, happiness and awe.  In that split moment the pilot voiced “clear.”  I could see my target landing zone below.  I jumped and experienced a 45 second free fall that was exhilarating.  With both feet safely on the ground, I said to myself, I did it!

Now as an adult my heart was filled with anticipation and passion to live with intention.  I had recaptured the same passion I had as a child.  It’s interesting as a young girl I intuitively tapped into the world within where all the means necessary resided to transform my life.  That small, but significant experience helped me recapture the enthusiasm of my youth and helped me make a decision to live with passion.  Since then I rely on my inner spirit to connect with my God Positioning Spirit to navigate me through the process of discovery to fulfill my life purpose.

Imagine, what if the dream were possible, what fuels you with enough passion to fulfill your hearts desire.  Take charge of your own mind and begin to envision and represent things that empower you rather than limits you.  Envision life from Gods perspective: step into a new world and enjoy the process of discovery with joy and happiness.  It’s your birthright.  Father God said it, therefore believe your wealth resides within.

“The past does not equal the future”

Life Lesson Questions:

  • You can view challenges as excuses for failure and fill your life with regrets or you can see each challenge as a pathway to succeed and fill your life with achievements. What is your point of view?
  • How long have you been waiting, what story and emotion have you befriended that is keeping you stuck?