Life Lessons Become Great Teachers


Whatever humans have learned had to be learned as a consequence only of trial and error experience.  -  Buckminister Fuller

Victor Frankl, the Austrian Psychiatrist and author of the books Mans Search for Meaning, and Unheard Cry for Meaning, describes how prisoners in Auschwitz and Dachua during World War II lived only when they had a sense of purpose.  The only survivors were those that found meaning in their lives.

Process of Discovery:  Finding meaning to move forward.

In my early years I spent many years as a spectator living in my head, wishing and hoping for more in life.  The very thing I deeply desired to change about myself was the very thing that kept me stuck, feeling helpless, overwhelmed and without direction.  I compared myself to others which resulted in a sense of always coming up short.  Deep within us resides a belief that life can become better than it is, intuitively you know the truth.

I realized the uncertainty growing up always kept me living on the edge, keeping me ready for the unexpected events that lie ahead.  This defense mechanism helped develop an unconscious competence combined with visual acuity that could predict a person’s behavior.  I believe these traits were developed early in my life during times of hardship.

I believe within hardship resides our gift much like a pearl incased in a oyster shell.  Sometimes too much time is spent in regret and resistance.  Learn to re-evaluate your hearts desires and find enough meaning to resolve old patterns that have kept you stuck.  Remember the only difference between where you’re at and where you have been is a result of your past decisions.  Sometime the things we hold onto are those that have been holding us back.  Love is an emotion that gives us permission to embrace our soul to live with intention helping others placed in our path.  I think God’s primary goal is not excellence in the sense of doing things perfectly but taking people from where they have been to where God wants us to be.

When our external and internal world don’t match it’s a call to action:

Life Lesson Questions:

  • What experience has caused you more pain?
  • What was the real issue?
  • Does the story add value or hold you back?
  • Describe the other side of solution.
  • Who have you become?
  • What did you learn about yourself?