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The best way to explain Deanna Brown Life Coach services is to answer these top five questions.

1) What will I learn by working with Deanna Brown?

Ability to Engage in Life:
Learn how old outdated internal patterns have become barriers to achieving desired outcomes and learn empowering tools to redefine yourself and your life.

Personality and Attitude:
Develop awareness of negative self-talk patterns that have sabotaged potential results needed in order to transform your life.

Mind Mastery:
Learn to train your mind how to recognize the signals sent to your brain, keeping you on track to fulfill the purpose you were created to achieve. You will discover the world within, which holds the key to transformation necessary to fulfill your destiny.

Compelling Future:
Discover a great sense of meaning that harnesses the power of constructive decision making that allows you to take actions that will transform your life.

2) How does this work?

Step 1: In coaching you will begin by defining the results that you are committed to achieving.
Step 2: You assess with absolute clarity where your currently are and where you want to be.
Step 3: You will identify what keeps you from achieving the results you desire.
Step 4: Then you will create a blueprint that not only works but is an enjoyable process.

Your personalized, measurable action plan will clearly define the results desired. Deanna will help measure, monitor, manage and support you to maintain accountability for the actions that ultimately led you to the results you demand.

3) Who should work with Deanna?

  • People who desire change but don’t know how to go about it
  • Anyone feeling stuck on the sidelines of life
  • People who have experienced major setbacks in life and do not know how to get around or over it
  • People who are ready to reposition their life for purpose
  • Anyone who has lost hope

4) What is the difference between a life coach and therapy?

Coaching is not therapy. It’s not about processing emotional history or diagnosing and treating mental health issues. Coaching is inclusive leading and pacing towards desired outcome.

5) How much does coaching cost?

Deanna has three plans to suit your needs:
Monthly – Fees starts at $500.00 per month for 1 hour coaching sessions per week. The sessions are based on multiple topics: personal, career, relationships, spiritual and mental wellness. The sessions take place in office or via Skype.
Hourly – $150.00 per hour session on an as needed basis.
Custom – Enter the agreed custom rate and click UPDATE.

* Consulting is per subject discussion only.

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