The Key to Freedom is Spiritual Breakthrough

The Key to Freedom is Spiritual Breakthrough

For almost two years I volunteered once a week teaching spiritual based life skills to women in the Houston detention center. Our classroom held about 40 women who were very attentive and knew the regiment. They never got out of hand, especially knowing the guard was standing outside. One day I asked the group to close their eyes and imagine themselves released from jail and at home. I was saddened to see a strain overcome them with their heads bowed, some began to cry recalling their pain. When I asked them to forgive themselves, many looked up with an expression of unworthiness. We prayed and I asked, how many were tired of holding unto their pain and almost all hands went up. Then I asked all to stand and imagine themselves in front of God and to give Him all their pain. The sounds were heartbreaking, they all began pouring out their grief, crying, pleading and sobbing saying they were sorry and asked God to take away their pain and become reborn. The guard looked in through the peep hole and signaled if everything was okay. When the ladies opened their eyes they appeared different, they looked at each other in disbelief. I asked if they felt better, felt free, and forgiven, again all hands went up. It was perfect timing the class ended, the door opened and immediately the ladies were in military formation facing forward and followed the guard down the long corridor. I could not help but notice the subtle difference as they passed, each looking renewed with a subtle smile and nodded slightly, as if to say, I got it. All along they had the key to freedom within reach; a place they obviously never thought to look.

Perhaps you can relate to the women who accepted an emotional life sentence that kept them blinded and imprisoned due to their circumstances. Look around your situation how long have you yearned for things to change. What must you believe about yourself? What action must you take? What does freedom mean to you? Who will benefit and Why?

My passion has always been teaching classes in prison institutions because pain creates leverage to change and redirect priorities. I have witnessed many lives transformed within those walls and become free, many feeling peace, joy and happiness for the first time in their lives. They also learned internal freedom breaks down walls and boundaries.

What lie have you excepted that has depleted and numbed your heart’s desire to break free from its grip. The key to freedom resides within your decision to ask God for help to release what has kept you hostage?

Sometimes we expect more from others and set ourselves up to feel disappointed when your expectations are not met. It’s time to step up and show up for yourself. To not believe that God made you with intention will keep you trapped, unable to escape from the prison you have made. Maybe your greatest challenge has been to believe you’re a missing link to fulfilling His promise through your life. God does not make mistakes but many people mistake His intention for our lives and resist Him in fear of the unknown. It’s time to breakthrough towards freedom.

“It is not freedom from conditions, but it is freedom to take a stand toward the conditions.”
Viktor E. Frankl