Deanna truly understands that your worst pain can be your greatest gift. Having lived through events that most of us hope to never experience, she came to understand that in every story lies a message of hope and resolve. Her story is yet another example that in truth, a person is not created in crisis but revealed in crisis. - Tony Robbins Peak Performance Coach


This is an inspirational book about a woman who overcame all odds to achieve her purpose and destiny in life that is touching thousands of people around the world. Born into poverty and with a junior high education, she was abandoned by her family at 14 and by 23 had seven children. In the throes of abusive relationships, destructive addictions and intrusive thoughts that kept her emotionally imprisoned, Deanna overcame her circumstances when she found the courage to redirect her life. It was in the moment of decision combined with faith and determination that her life was transformed with the help of her internal GPS – a God Positioning Spirit that led the way.

She developed a life coaching practice designed to help people reach their potential by identifying and eliminating barriers while developing healthy patterns to work towards their destiny. For over 20 years she has worked with countless people in educational systems, recovery programs, correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. Her God Positioning Spirit guided her to aggressively work with at risk youth, who others had given up on, and transformed their lives from despair to destiny. Deanna founded the Self-Mastery Institute, a non-profit program dedicated to helping young people discover their empowering purpose and teach skills to transform their lives and become leaders of their communities. This program has received international acclaim and has helped youth throughout the world.

This is a story about how God took a broken and repressed young girl and led her to become a credentialed teacher, author, motivational speaker and international life coach to help people around the world find their purpose and destiny in life. Deanna was guided to make a global difference and she is a testimony of what is possible if you allow the “inner voice” to direct your life. Coincidentally Oprah Winfrey gave the commencement speech at Harvard in 2013 and was quoted as saying “to be guided by the still small voice that is a GPS within ourselves is to find out what makes us come alive.”

In a secular world, people are hungry to find a peace of mind and purpose in life to fill the void they feel inside. This was made evident to Deanna when she was speaking to a group in Geneva, Switzerland in 2011. A calming presence came over her and she was inspired to tell the audience that to reach our destination a GPS – God Positioning Spirit is present and we don’t have to go through the journey on earth alone. She was stunned when people began to cry and asked how do I connect. It is simple – much like your car GPS, just request guidance and enjoy the journey forward.

Reading this book will illustrate the power of the GPS that resides within each of us and how it will redirect your life for good and fulfill your destiny here on earth.

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Deanna Brown - God Positioning Spirit

Deanna Brown – God Positioning Spirit