Decisions not Conditions Sets the Course of Destiny

Have you ever said “Mom I hate you and I will never be like you” only to find yourself repeating your mom’s same behavior..

Moms are the primary influence on their children’s behavior, especially during the impressionable years when a little girl innocently aspires to be like mommy. When children are raised in an abusive home they distort their reality and retreat into a safe place of fantasy to disassociate and numb the pain.  When adult women of dysfunctional families grow up they often seek love, significance, certainty and connection at any cost.  The imprint of past learned behavior continues to replay itself, attracting people and events to reinforce the pain that validates their feeling of unworthiness. “Familiarity Overpowers Fear of the Unknown.”

“Unhappiness arises not from circumstances but conditioning of the mind “

The Bible Story of Gomer:    Found in Hosea 1:2-3   2:3-5 and 3:1-3

The story of Gomer reflects millions of women today who have been emotionally beaten down by lost dreams and hope. Who often sell themselves short and do not reach their true potential.  If you ever find yourself feeling lonely where life looks bleak, stop questioning if God has forgotten you.  Over 35 years ago the devil had a grip on my soul.  I was filled with shame, hurt and loneliness. When drugs and alcohol no longer numbed my pain, I hit bottom. That painful pivotal moment became a blessing in disguise.  Overwhelmed by despair I called out to God for help, and to my surprise His loving Grace made a house call, touched my soul and healed me.  Our Lord Jesus stands at the door of your heart ready to enter.  He knows your pain and wishes to restore and reposition your life for His purpose.  God reveals Himself through the least expected means, resources and people.  God reached out to His beloved Gomer through the prophet Hosea, an unpretentious man to purchase her off the prostitute slave market and marry her. On the outside, Gomer attempted to sustain her role as a mother of her children and met expected standards being a prophet’s wife.  Sadly, inwardly, Gomer was consumed with self- inflicting beliefs that kept her blind to see her position in God’s eyes.  Eventually, she returned to the only life she knew – prostitution.

Gomer’s and Hosea’s is a love story where God gave Gomer a second chance, just like God  gave us a second chance by sending His only beloved Son to die for our salvation.  “Homer’s name means salvation and Gomers name means Beloved”.  We don’t know how many times Hosea returned to the auction block to reclaim his wife from a life of sin.  Unconditional love pursues until the deed is done!  God is always within reach watching and waiting on the sideline for the door to open and let Him into our hearts.  God is calling you by name right now.  He knows your pain and is ready to meet you half way but you must ask for his help and accept Him into your life.  Think back how many times you have turned your back on a chance of repositioning your pain for His purpose.  How many times has God shined His light through the darkest of times in hope you would call His name and invite Him to lead you forward?

Where have your life choices taken you?

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