2015 A Year Where Power Meets Potiential

                                                                      2015 A YEAR WHERE POWER MEETS POTIENTIAL

                                                                       “We are Spirit Beings Having a Human Experience”

Each year millions of people are excited to set-up their New Year resolutions. Your 2015 resolution has the power to restore, reposition and unlock your potential to receive and fulfill your heart desires aligned with God.

Life Lesson:

At 19 years old a single parent of 4 children I was hospitalized, my diagnosis was mental illness from years of physical and emotional abuse. I was hospitalized in Agnes State Mental hospital when I lost the fight to function especially after my children were taken away.  It was within those walls living with forgotten tormented souls that I became aware of an inner world within me that gave me hope to transform my life.  Being surrounded by constant upheaval it was easy to disconnect from reality. Growing up I never understood the concept of God but it was obvious when He shined light in my darkness leading me out from the abyss.  Little by little, guided by His Grace, I began to connect to my circumstances and learn to listen to His empowering still tender voice deep within me. Daily I learned to lean on His loving Holy Spirit revealing, that insight created a new perspective and hope to restore me.  An example:  there was a female resident who created an imaginary baby she cradled with loving affection and adoration that sparked life into her. One day she leaned towards me to view her baby.  I was amazed by her expression of completeness and happiness.  That experience perplexed me enough to question the possibility to ever feel that way and opened the door to hope. I began to imagine being a nurse and I modeled walking, standing and talking like my favorite nurse.  To my surprise the puzzle pieces began to come together and I was able to see the picture of having my kids and being a nurse.  I don’t know your situation but I do know power meets a potential that resides within your faith to move forward. The dream is possible if you begin to see life from your hearts secret place where God lives.  God’s delays are not denials He desires your will be aligned with Him to fulfill your destiny.

Human Experience:

According to many child behavioral psychologists, it is during the first six years of life we develop our strongest personality traits and behavior tendencies.  Can you imagine at that age we basically learn to trust or distrust people developing a general sense of ourselves and our self- confidence or self – doubt.  By nature at that age a child thinks the world revolves around them, therefore whatever happens within their immediate surrounding that causes their loved ones unhappiness, pain and uncertainty they feel responsible for throughout our adult life 90% or more of daily actions are responses from our subconscious mind of information accumulated during the first 6 years.  What you believe about yourself and situation delivers a direct command to your brain and nervous system. Power and potential are the result of what you believe is possible for yourself that has been building since your youth.   God desires His children to live intentionally and learn to take responsibility.  Begin to mind manage thoughts that trigger memory recall from the subconscious mind.  Stop blaming God or others.  Become aware of your disposition. Sometimes it takes pain to positon us to make defining decisions.

  • Did you ever feel sad and suddenly you heard unexpected good news. What happened to the sadness?
  • Have you felt unloved and someone reminded you how special you are?
  • Remember nothing can separate you from Gods’ Purpose unless you give up.
  • Jesus Christ already completed and paved your way and is waiting at the finish line.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others only your gifts and talent and abilities are uniquely yours.

Pray your goals align with God. Envision the dream and make it bright, create sounds to support desired result and feel uplifting excitement to completing 2015 goal and thank God for positioning you towards desired results

Closing note:

The fear of change and loss especially loosing someone you love can be immobilizing. People who fear a lover leaving will play down their own potential to keep that person from leaving the relationship.  Be assured that person has left you long before they walk out the door. The downside is keeping yourself hostage in fear of the unknown.  Any loss or thought of losing anyone is heartbreaking. But let me tell you from personal experience it’s through the breaking that God will provide the blessing.  In the peak of my greatest pain I cried out to God for help and to my surprise He heard my plea and immediately I was healed. God predestines your life and desires your destiny be fulfilled. Whatever obstacle is obscuring your decision to live intentional open your heart to God. You will witness God transform painful memories into skills and teaching tools to help yourself and others.

“Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you” 

 Psalms 25:5

“No man can reveal to you but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge” 

 Kahlil Gibran   

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Author Deanna Brown

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